Joint Statement on Later School Start Times

The undersigned specialists in sleep medicine and professional health organizations collectively express our support for later school start times for adolescents.

The evidence is clear. Later school start times, in alignment with adolescence sleep schedules, show significant results for both individual students and the community at large:

  • Improved driver safety.
  • Improved alertness to facilitate peak academic performance.
  • Reduced anxiety and depression.
  • Less risk-taking behavior (i.e. drug and alcohol use, smoking)
  • Less tardiness and school absences to foster improved opportunities for learning.

The objective of this statement is to support the following 2018 legislation put forth by the Minnesota Sleep Society:

  • To allow adolescents to obtain sufficient sleep at a time that is right for their bodies on school nights, all secondary students will have a start time no earlier than 8:30 am. 
  • To avoid school districts inadvertently transferring sleep deprivation to younger children when reorganizing district transportation, all elementary schools will have a bus pick-up time no earlier than 7:00 am.
  • These mandated times will not take effect until the 2021-2022 sch­­ool year, to allow sufficient time for institutional change at the district level.

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Sleep Medicine Specialists

Teresa Amble, PsyD, LP
Samanta Anders, PhD, LP
Julie Baughn – MD
Katherine Beresford – MD
Jagdeep Bijwadia – MD
Keith Cavanaugh – MD
Julie Dahl – APRN, CNP
Piyush Das – MD
Deanna Diebold – MD
Chad  Eiken – RPSGT
Sarah  Emery – APRN, CNP
Jeff  Forslund – DDS
John Garcia – MD
Michael Howell – MD
Con Iber – MD
Muna Ifran – MD
Karen Johnson – APRN, CNP
Louis Kazaglis – MD
Melissa King Briggs – MD
Robin Lloyd – MD
Meghna Mansukhani – MD
Wendy Meyers – APRN, CNP
Catalina Morarasu – DDS
Tim Morgenthaler – MD
Jonathan Parker – DDS
Troy Payne – MD
Deb Scattarelli – APRN, CNP
Michael Schmitz – PsyD, LP
Rodolfo Soca – MD
Andrew  Stiehm – MD
Kent Svee – MD
Andrew Vaaler – MD
Ranji Varghese – MD
Yosef Wexler – MD
Laurel Wills, MD

Health Professional Organizations

Minnesota Academy of Family Pysicians

Dave Bucher, MD – President

Minnesota Academy of Physician Assistants

Erin Rysavy, MPH, PA-C  – President

Minnesota Medical Association

Robert K. Meiches, MD – Chief Executive Officer

Minnesota Nurse Practitioners

Dianne Willer-Sly, DNP, APRN – President

Minnesota School Psychologist Association

Sally Baas, PhD – President

Minnesota Sleep Society

Julie Dahl, APRN, CNP – President

NAMI Minnesota (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

Sue Abderholden, MPH – Executive Director

School Nurse Organization of Minnesota

Susan Nokleby, MS, RN – President

National Organizations Calling for Later Start Times

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Sleep Medicine

American  Medical Association

Center for Disease Control

Education Committee of the States

Society of Behavioral Medicine

Start School Later


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