Other Policies School Leaders Can Employ to Improve Sleep for Students

While adjusting school start time would have the largest impact, there are many other strategies schools can employ to allow students to have time at the end of the day for the wind-down period before bed that is essential to detach from the day and relax along with the needed time in the morning to get ready (54 minutes on average) and travel back to school for the start of the day.

  • Eliminate zero hour
  • Avoid core curriculum and AP classes first hour
  • Make electronic homework submission deadlines earlier in the evening, not 11:59 p.m.
  • End official school activities (e.g., sports and play practices) by a reasonable time, no later than 10 hours before bus pick-up the next day.
  • Coordination between teachers to avoid students having several tests in one day
  • When giving iPads or other electronic devices to students, provide them guidelines to turn them off, at least one hour before bed
  • Include sleep education in health class
  • Assess for sleep deprivation when counseling students about behavioral issues or preparing an Individual Education Plan

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