This Toolkit was created by the Teen Sleep Committee made up of sleep medicine providers and researchers who are passionate about improving the sleep and health of the teenagers in our communities. We are grateful for the time, effort, and expertise of the committee members, who contributed to this helpful resource:

Keith Cavanaugh,MD

Julie Dahl, APRN, CNP

John Garcia, MD

Conrad Iber, MD

Wendy Meyers, APRN,CNP

Jonathon Parker, DDS

Roxanne Prichard, PhD

Kyla Wahlstrom, PhD
Ex Officio Advisor

Special thanks to the following Superintendents who have devoted their time and creativity to share their experience with this committee and their colleagues.

Their insights provided essential information to this toolkit and effort, and we are truly grateful for their ongoing support and guidance.

Chace Anderson, PhD

Kenneth Dragseth, PhD

Keith Jacobus, PhD

Robert Metz, PhD

Scott Thielman, PhD

Lastly, to Lisa Winkler for going beyond what was expected in editing, making a good Toolkit better.

Many Thanks,
On Behalf of the Board of the MN Sleep Society
Jagdeep Bijwadia MD

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